Oak Hill Cemetery

Oak Hill CemeteryCemetery 5 - Copy (2)
406 East State Street
Mount Carroll, IL 61053

Cemetery RatesCemetery 4 - CopyGrave Opening & Closing
Monday - Friday
Full Burial $575    Cremains $200
Saturday & Sunday
Full Burial $775    Cremains $275
Infant Grave Opening & Closing
Monday - Friday  Full Burial $200
Saturday & Sunday  Full Burial $300

Cemetery Lots $650

Public notice
All flowers must be removed, including vases and Shepard's hooks, by April 1st each year. Flowers may be placed back on the graves after April 30th. Lot owners shall not be allowed to plant any trees, shrubs, vines or place any obstruction thereon that will in anyway interfere with the lawn mowers without permission. 
Save the Stones Project
The Save the Stones Project began in 2023 to help preserve the historic grave stones at Mount Carroll’s Oak Hill Cemetery. Our Cemetery has graves dating back to 1844 when Mr H.S. Smith was the 1st person to be buried there. Through generous community donations, a grant from the Mt. Carroll Community Foundation, and a caring group of volunteers, the city was able to clean over 27 stones. Please see some before and after cleaning results.  If you would like to make a donation or volunteer, please contact Mike Risko at mriskojr@gmail.com.
Stone 1 BEFORE - CopyGrave stone     Grave stoneGrave stone

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